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Trap Play B Davis Kroon
Trap Play

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Before starting work on Trap Play, B. Davis Kroon had a career in law, first in San Francisco, California and later in Portland, Oregon.

The Ben Leit Series

What happens to professional athletes after they leave the game? What happens to those guys who leave football because of head injuries?

TRAP PLAY (series book one) Meet Ben Leit, the NFL’s golden boy quarterback. After one concussion too many, Ben’s career is toast and he hits the skids. But then his father is murdered. In spite of losing a career and then losing his father, Ben comes up with a plan to trap a killer. Meanwhile, Mimi Fitzroy discovers that someone in her family’s mega-corporation has been cyber-stalking Ben’s dad; even worse, it looks like her family’s mega corporation is corrupt all the way to the top. Ben and Mimi join forces to catch the killer and they discover a connection they weren’t expecting and didn’t want. With the killer closing in on them, they’re headed for an explosive showdown in Seattle…and not everyone will walk away.

Book Two: (Working title: HEAD INJURY) Someone is killing college football officials. Book two in the Ben Leit series follows Ben as he hunts the killer.

Other Novels

(Working title: THE FAULT) The perfect family, the one with the house in the hills, the place in Maui, the luxury cars, luxury friends. Everyone loves them. And everything goes wrong. Dad has bet their lives on a sure-fire deal that goes up in smoke. The Fault takes hold of a thread that starts with a white-collar crime and follows the unraveling of a family, all the way to the granddaughter who chooses to face the truth.

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