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Trap Play B Davis Kroon

Trap Play

After one concussion too many, Ben Leit is done as the NFL’s golden boy quarterback. Then his father, who was about to expose a bombshell sports scandal, is murdered.

Mimi Fitzroy, CIO for Rex Sports International, panics as she discovers thousands of stolen emails that prove Rex is breaking federal laws—big time. Worst of all, for certain, somebody is using Rex to stalk the recently murdered Frank Leit.

As Ben and Mimi work together to find a killer, they also find a connection they weren’t expecting and didn’t want. They are headed for an explosive showdown in Seattle…and not everyone will walk away.

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Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars Superb murder thriller
This is the story of Ben, a former NFL quarterback who life changes dramatically when his father gets murdered. An intriguing story, with plot twist and lots of suspense. I would define this story as riveting, somber and powerful. Trap Play was well paced and the author did a great job writing a book with a tension-filled plot and compelling characters. A more than enjoyable murder thriller that deserves 5 stars.

Goodreads five stars “This novel about a former football star whose father is murdered, was compelling and intriguing. The suspense is well done and the villain is vicious and ruthless. I loved the two main characters and everything about this book. Definitely a must read.” Lacy Clary

“With wonderful wit, Davis Kroon delivers a smash-up of corporate espionage, gladiator sports and the tension between parents and their grown children. TRAP PLAY is a truly captivating read.”
—Author Lily Gardner, Author of A Bitch Called Hope, Betting Blind, and All In

“You be “hooked” on page 1. Barbara Davis Kroon is a fine detective novelist.”
—Ann Staley, poet & essayist, Corvallis OR

“Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a thrilling ride. Kroon’s novel takes you into the world of Ben Leit, a sympathetic young NFL player, his career destroyed by chronic head injuries. An investigation into a corrupt company leads to the murder of Frank Leit, former NFL star, congressman, and philanthropist. With a ruthless, ambitious, beautiful villain and a son intent on finding his father’s killer, TRAP PLAY will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.”
Author Susan Clayton Goldner, Author of A Bend in the Willow, Missing Pieces, the Winston Radhauser Mystery Series, the Twisty Suspense Novel Series

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